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Book: Corpse on Boomerang Road

Book: Corpse on Boomerang Road

Corpse on Boomerang Road

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A book detailing Telluride's labor strife from 1899 to 1908.

Product Description

On August 8, 1907, newspapers in Telluride, Colorado, declared that the bones of William J. Barney had been recovered from a shallow grave on Boomerang Hill, thus proving the Telluride Miners' Union had butchered him in 1901. Many mine owners, newspaper editors, and Pinkerton detectives claimed that the union had inaugerated a reign of terror with Barney's slaying, a nightmare of brutality that would only end when the union men and their families were driven from the region and their leaders were hanging from the gallows.

Yet, meticulous research has revealed that no such reign actually existed, and the supposed victims were, in fact, alive long after their alleged murders.

THE CORPSE ON BOOMERANG ROAD examines the war between union organizers and mine operators that rocked Telluride during the first decade of the 20th Century.

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